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Family Information for 2010 -2011 SFX Directory
If you wish to be in the directory, please fill this information out and click "Submit."  The information you submit will be posted online in a directory and will be updated throughout the year.  During the school year, if any of your information changes, please fill this form out completely again, and we will replace your old information with the new. 
In the case of separate households, both parents can fill this form out completely and both will appear in the directory. 
Parent First Names:(example John & Mary)
Parent Last Name: (example Smith)    
City:             State
Zip:       (example 33908)
Phone Numbers (you may enter either one or two phone numbers in the order you would like them to appear in the directory).
1st  Phone #:     Type:     
2nd Phone #:   Type:     
Child's Last Name: 
Child 1 First Name:   Homeroom:
Child 2 First Name:   Homeroom:
Child 3 First Name:   Homeroom:
Child 4 First Name:   Homeroom:
Is this a new entry or an update to an existing entry in the directory?