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Virtues in Practice


Fortitude – Practicing the good and just in challenging
  situations, patience with obstacles.
     I practice doing what is right with
     even when it is difficult.

  Pre-K3 poses with Fortitude Mascot “Nolan”      

We have been learning about Fortitude and what that means in
our own lives.  We drew pictures showing the mascot Nolan and posted it along with our motto, “Be Like Christ”.  We had a good time drawing our pictures and learning!

Other activities from around our school:

·         The Falcon Friends are getting together to read and share stories about Fortitude.       -Karen Galloway, Middle School

·         All classes wrote about fortitude and who exemplifies it in their lives.       –Bobbi Jo Wisocki, Middle School

·         8th graders are creating digital citizenship comic strips in which a character exemplifies fortitude. –Kate Hamstra, computer special

·         We read the “Lion and the Mouse” as an example of Fortitude. – Joan Becker, PreK-4

·         Both second grade classes wrote to my godson and his fellow Marines.  They also drew pictures and mailed them last week. - Tracy Kenney, 2nd Grade

·         We have written prayers that include using Fortitude in our daily decisions.  We include a snippet on "What is Fortitude" in our newsletter.   –Kim Anderson, 4th Grade